Where My Okies At

ok_56_600 I lived in Oklahoma for seven outta-sight years. It's where my art career really began. I'm in Austin now, but Oklahoma will always have a cherished place in my heart.

That's why I have a special message for my Okie supporters and collectors. (Hi, guys! Lookin' good!)

I've lived in Austin for three years now, and I work with two excellent Texas galleries:

Cerulean Gallery in Amarillo Ro2 Art in Dallas

I have a show coming up soon at Cerulean. On Edge opens on Friday, 16 September 2016, and runs through 28 October. I've been working very hard this year to present you with the best paintings I've ever created.

On September 16th, I'll be at the opening with a big big smile on my face.

You know who I would love to see there? You.

Would you consider making the trip?

I'm asking two months in advance so you'll have time to make travel plans. Amarillo is about 3.5 to 4 hours by car from Oklahoma City. You won't believe how that time flies when you're carpooling with friends.

In addition to the amazing art show at Cerulean Gallery (wink), here are some other things to do during your visit:


Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Have chicken fried steak at Lucille's Roadhouse

Visit Palo Duro Canyon


Take selfies at Cadillac Ranch

Indulge with wine & cheese at OHMS Cafe & Bar

Wake up to Roasters Coffee


Take in two great exhibitions at the Amarillo Museum of Art: Light on the Plains: Frank Reaugh pastels from the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum Side by Side: Larry Bell and Gabriel Dawe

Take the challenge at The Big Texan

Hope to see you there!





Making Hay

Let us make hay while the sun shines.- Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote de la Mancha

making hay front whole

So I had a pile of reds, golds, and browns, culled from the donated fabric bin at the meeting of Community First! Quilters. The fields are ripe, they said - it's harvest time.

making hay back whole

The front and back are both improvised strip-piecing. The emerging pattern reminded me of aerial photographs of farmland.

making hay detail 2

making hay detail 4

See the burgundy? It was in my fabric stash for ages. It was just waiting for that exquisite harvest-gold botanical print to pair with.

making hay detail 5

Like, hey, what's up cheese? I'm that wine you've been thirsting after.

making hay detail 3

This spring-green patch was left over from a previous quilt.

making hay stitching detail 1

Making Hay was my first ever longarm quilting experience. Many thanks to Jessica and Ellie at The Cotton Cupboard for their patient teaching!

making hay stitching detail 2

What is Modern Quilting? Learn more about Mobile Loaves & Fishes What is the Community First! Village? Contribute your quilting skills to the Community First! Quilters

As the Bat Flies

as the bat flies front whole As the Bat Flies Improvisational patchwork quilt created for Community First! Sarah Atlee, 2015

What is Modern Quilting? Learn more about Mobile Loaves & Fishes What is the Community First! Village? Contribute your quilting skills to the Community First! Quilters

as the bat flies detail 3

The Community First! Quilters group relies heavily on donated fabrics. I love the challenge of taking colors and prints that don't look like they should go together... and making them go together.

as the bat flies detail 2

This is my variation on the traditional Flying Geese quilt block. I call it Flying Bats. See the grey print with the little insects? Bats eat insects. There you go.

Do you know about Austin's bat colony?

as the bat flies detail 1

I was surprised at how difficult it was to make these blocks come out how I'd imagined. After a lot of trial and some error, I settled into a method.

as the bat flies back whole

The back.as the bat flies quilting detail 2

Stitching detail. This was my second-ever quilt finished on a longarm machine. While I don't yet feel entirely adept at the process, I enjoy the speed and flexibility of free-motion quilting.as the bat flies quilting detail 1


Curves on Top of Curves - Part 2

The Austin Modern Quilt Guild got so many contributions for the Drunkard's Path challenge that there were enough for two whole quilts. Thus we were able to double our donation to the Community First! Village. See pictures of the first quilt here.

First some links, then the pictures.

What is Modern Quilting? Join the Austin Modern Quilt Guild Learn more about Mobile Loaves & Fishes What is the Community First! Village? Contribute your quilting skills to the Community First! Quilters

circles 2 - layout 1

Even More Curves.

circles 2 - layout 2

Plus some stripes.

circles 2 - closeup 3

circles 2 - closeup 1

I just love the two zebra-striped yin-yang blocks we got. Can you spot the one in the other quilt?

circles 2 - block closeup 1

circles 2 - pool 1

By the pool. In November. Because Austin.

circles 2 - back

The back.

circles 2 - quilting detail

Quilting detail, and adorable chairs fabric from Stitch Lab.

by the pool

I want to thank the members of the Austin Modern Quilt Guild for trusting me with their quilt blocks - I had SO much fun assembling and quilting these guys! You rock.

Want to see more creations like these? Check out the Austin MQG on Instagram.