Curves on Top of Curves - Part 2

The Austin Modern Quilt Guild got so many contributions for the Drunkard's Path challenge that there were enough for two whole quilts. Thus we were able to double our donation to the Community First! Village. See pictures of the first quilt here.

First some links, then the pictures.

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circles 2 - layout 1

Even More Curves.

circles 2 - layout 2

Plus some stripes.

circles 2 - closeup 3

circles 2 - closeup 1

I just love the two zebra-striped yin-yang blocks we got. Can you spot the one in the other quilt?

circles 2 - block closeup 1

circles 2 - pool 1

By the pool. In November. Because Austin.

circles 2 - back

The back.

circles 2 - quilting detail

Quilting detail, and adorable chairs fabric from Stitch Lab.

by the pool

I want to thank the members of the Austin Modern Quilt Guild for trusting me with their quilt blocks - I had SO much fun assembling and quilting these guys! You rock.

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