Making Hay

Let us make hay while the sun shines.- Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote de la Mancha

making hay front whole

So I had a pile of reds, golds, and browns, culled from the donated fabric bin at the meeting of Community First! Quilters. The fields are ripe, they said - it's harvest time.

making hay back whole

The front and back are both improvised strip-piecing. The emerging pattern reminded me of aerial photographs of farmland.

making hay detail 2

making hay detail 4

See the burgundy? It was in my fabric stash for ages. It was just waiting for that exquisite harvest-gold botanical print to pair with.

making hay detail 5

Like, hey, what's up cheese? I'm that wine you've been thirsting after.

making hay detail 3

This spring-green patch was left over from a previous quilt.

making hay stitching detail 1

Making Hay was my first ever longarm quilting experience. Many thanks to Jessica and Ellie at The Cotton Cupboard for their patient teaching!

making hay stitching detail 2

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