As the Bat Flies

as the bat flies front whole As the Bat Flies Improvisational patchwork quilt created for Community First! Sarah Atlee, 2015

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as the bat flies detail 3

The Community First! Quilters group relies heavily on donated fabrics. I love the challenge of taking colors and prints that don't look like they should go together... and making them go together.

as the bat flies detail 2

This is my variation on the traditional Flying Geese quilt block. I call it Flying Bats. See the grey print with the little insects? Bats eat insects. There you go.

Do you know about Austin's bat colony?

as the bat flies detail 1

I was surprised at how difficult it was to make these blocks come out how I'd imagined. After a lot of trial and some error, I settled into a method.

as the bat flies back whole

The the bat flies quilting detail 2

Stitching detail. This was my second-ever quilt finished on a longarm machine. While I don't yet feel entirely adept at the process, I enjoy the speed and flexibility of free-motion the bat flies quilting detail 1