Sketchbook 2013: Grids

Three selections on the Grid theme from my 2013 sketchbook.  

Sketchbook Cover 2013 by Sarah Atlee

Sketchbook cover, mixed media and found paper collage


Sketchbook Grid 1, ink on paper, 2013 by Sarah Atlee

Polka Dot Grid, ink on paper


Photo grid collage, mixed media on paper, 2013 by Sarah Atlee

Photo collage, one-inch photo cutouts and found objects

This last one is a product of a photo reference purge in my Oklahoma City studio. I chose my favorite photos, then chose my favorite square inch from each of those.

Expect more sketchbook selections here on the Blog, and later, up in the Images section of the site.


Collage Sketch for Sick at Xmas

Sketchbook: Collage Sketch for Sick at Xmas. Mixed media on paper, 2011 by Sarah Atlee.

The finished painting:

Sick at Xmas. Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 17 inches, 2011 by Sarah Atlee.

  I tend to feel poorly during holidays and vacations. It's as though my body notices that I'm relaxing and concludes that I have time to focus on my sinuses or whatever. My mother and I think it's a family trait.

Much of the preparatory work for my 2011 show Figure and Ground was done during and shortly after Christmas 2010. While I was sick. Take that, sickness! Oh, snap.