Sketchbook 2012: No Trespassing Quilt

Sketchbook 2012: No Trespassing, mixed media, 2012 by Sarah Atle No Trespassing, mixed media collage sketch, 2012 by Sarah Atlee

Like the Millennium Quilt series, I made this drawing while my mother was recovering from surgery. I thought it would be interesting to create a geometric composition based on a (blurry) photograph. Abstraction through pixellation, although the original photograph is the digital media, whereas the drawing below is analog.

Fijian, jiving, and scheme are cool words.


Sketchbook 2012: No Trespassing quilt sketch, ink and colored pe

No Trespassing Quilt, ink and colored pencil on paper, 2012 by Sarah Atlee

Sketchbook 2012: Day/Night Quilt

Sketchbook 2012: Day/Night Quilt, ink on paper, 2012 by Sarah At Day/Night Quilt sketch, ink on paper, 2012 by Sarah Atlee

I had so much fun with my Millennium Quilt series that I raced right into this quilt concept for a friend's impending baby.


mely's quilt beginning cropped

I began cutting and piecing not long after finishing the sketch, though it was almost another year before I completed the quilt proper.

At one point, I was so enamored with the finished sections of the quilt that I decided to turn one of them back into 2-dimensional art. I'll post pictures of that piece next week.

Here are pictures of the near-completed quilt in my studio (I just love the morning light in here):


day night quilt photo 2 72 500

Day/Night Quilt, detail view in the studio, 2013 by Sarah Atlee


day night quilt photo 1 72 500

Day/Night Quilt, detail view in the studio, 2013 by Sarah Atlee

Update: See the portion of this quilt that became a painting.

Sketchbook 2013: Grids

Three selections on the Grid theme from my 2013 sketchbook.  

Sketchbook Cover 2013 by Sarah Atlee

Sketchbook cover, mixed media and found paper collage


Sketchbook Grid 1, ink on paper, 2013 by Sarah Atlee

Polka Dot Grid, ink on paper


Photo grid collage, mixed media on paper, 2013 by Sarah Atlee

Photo collage, one-inch photo cutouts and found objects

This last one is a product of a photo reference purge in my Oklahoma City studio. I chose my favorite photos, then chose my favorite square inch from each of those.

Expect more sketchbook selections here on the Blog, and later, up in the Images section of the site.


Still Life Auditions

I'm starting a new still life commission for a client. (This work will be a gift for someone, so shh!) Cut. Get it?

These are the candidates; we'll see who makes the cut.


plum crop 500

lemon crop 500


If you've never made a special trip to the produce section just for still life material, I recommend you do this. Otherwise, you might never try things like the cherimoya.


cherimoya 500

Isn't she pretty? Pretty like a pangolin!

cherimoya open 500