Curves on Top of Curves - Part 1

In 2015 the Austin Modern Quilt Guild issued a challenge to its members - the Drunkard's Path. Many of us had never pieced curved seams before, so we leapt at the opportunity to learn. I learned with help from the excellent Amanda Hohnstreiter - a curved piecing expert! AMQG members were invited to construct these blocks using blacks and whites with a "pop of color." Here are some of my contributions:

drunkards path blocks 3

drunkards path blocks 2

drunkards path blocks 1 See the little ninjas? We have Lily Gonzales-Creed to thank.

After collecting the blocks, we pieced them together into two quilts (see part 2 here). The quilts were then donated to the Community First! Village, a wonderful project brought into being by Mobile Loaves & Fishes.

Interested in learning more about this project? Here are some helpful links:

What is Modern Quilting? Join the Austin Modern Quilt Guild Learn more about Mobile Loaves & Fishes What is the Community First! Village? Contribute your quilting skills to the Community First! Quilters

Now, on to the quilt pictures!

circles 1 - layout 1 Look at all those color pops. Pop-pop-pow!

circles 1 - layout 2 Just lounging.

circles 1 - closeup 1

circles 1 - back 1 The back.

circles 1 - quilting detail 1 Who says they all have to be circles? Nobody, that's who.

circles 1 - quilting detail 2 Close-up of my free-motion quilting, done at The Cotton Cupboard.

So that this post won't be absurdly long, I've put the second quilt over here.