Wyld Flowerz at STASH 2015.10.09

Veruca Fry. Acrylic on panel, 7x5 inches, 2015 by Sarah Atlee. w Veruca Fry. Acrylic on panel, 7 x 5 inches (11 x 8.5 inches framed) 2015 by Sarah Atlee. $225

To purchase Veruca Fry, call STASH at (405) 701 1016 or email me directly at sarahatlee@gmail.com.

Wyld Flowerz - New Abstract Paintings by Sarah Atlee

Where: STASH (website, Facebook) 412 E Main Street, Norman OK 73071 (405) 701 1016 (map link) Store hours are M-Sat 10-6 and Sun 12-4.

When: 9 October - 11 November 2015.

Opening Reception and Hair of the Dog

Join us for the opening night party during the Norman Arts Council's 2nd Friday Art Walk!

When: Friday 9 October, 6-10 pm.

4 Hair of the Dog-logo

We have an amazing event planned, STASH's biggest of the year. Enjoy local craft beers and live music at a party to raise funds for the Bella Foundation! There's even going to be a pumpkin patch. Click here to learn more and purchase tickets.*

*This is a ticketed event, but you do not need a ticket to see the art.

Hope to see you there!

About Veruca Fry

I often dream about things that I'll paint later. In this instance, my dream was of a quilt design - 60-degree triangles in warm yellows and violets, gently transitioning from light to dark. When I awoke the design told me it was called "vocal fry."

For the unfamiliar, vocal fry is a way of modulating your voice so it combines moaning and creaking sounds. To make the sound, groan, then lower your voice, close your throat a bit, and just let it peter out until it starts sounding like bacon in a hot pan. It's the sound you make when you Can't Even.

The dream design told me later that day that it wasn't going to be a quilt, but rather a painting. And that I should make a miniature version to try it out. She also changed her name along the way. She's quite willful.

Demanding little snot.