Current Blocks for Art of the Month at Current Studio

04-eccentric-orbit-72-500 Current Block 4: Eccentric Orbit Various fabrics and thread, machine pieced and quilted, 8.5" x 8" 2016 by Sarah Atlee

Available exclusively through the Art of the Month Club at Current Studio.


Sarah Atlee is the January 2017 Featured Artist for Art of the Month at Current Studio!



I am making a series of unique improvisational quilts, 8 to 9 inches square, exclusively for Current Studio.




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Dot Dot Dash

dot-dot-dash-front-500 In Dot Dot Dash, I set out to explore visual rhythms. We know that I love stripes. Turns out, I love dots too.


I had so many fun fabrics to choose from. Some donated to the Community First! Quilters, some I purchased myself. In particular, I've been in love with this Dottie Jean Jacket print by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cotton + Steel.


Does it get any better than strip-piecing?




So much fun to quilt this thing!


Aah, texture.


On the back: cream-colored flannel, and a variegated blue thread.


Along one edge, Community First! is spelled out in Morse code,using buttons. Light buttons for dashes, dark buttons for dots.

Dot Dot Dash was donated to the Community First! village, an innovative housing solution in Austin, TX.

Learn more about Mobile Loaves & Fishes What is the Community First! Village? Contribute your quilting skills to the Community First! Quilters


Piece of Pie

piece-of-pie-front-1-500 Piece of Pie is a quilt completed in 2016 for an expert pie-baker (and her new baby).


I love improvisational curves! There's so much room to make mistakes.




Banana-shaped free-motion quilting to go with the upcycled sock monkey bedsheets.


Quilting lines, seen from the back.


The seal of approval.


Martini: Head Clog I

Martini: Head Clog. Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 18 inches, 2016 by SMartini: Head Clog I. Glitch series. Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 18 inches, 2016 by Sarah Atlee. $910 For purchase inquiries, contact Cerulean Gallery at 214.564.1199

According to the AV Artifact Atlas, head clog banding is a glitch that occurs when dirt or debris clogs one of the video heads in a MiniDV or DVCam. "Typically, a head clog will appear as wide alternating lines of frozen video or an alternating pattern of color indicating a loss of read/write capability at the video head."

It's also what happens to me about three sips into one of these.

martini detail 3 72 500

You guys, I'm addicted. To STRIPES. Just can't get enough of 'em lately. I stripe socially. I stripe alone. I stripe in the morning. I stripe before bed. Sometimes I stripe all day long. Best problem I've ever had.

Are you like me, and you want more stripes in your life? I suggest starting with my Stripes Are Cheap Therapy board on Pinterest.

About the Glitch Series

In the Glitch series, I use vibrant acrylic paintings to reimagine traditional still lifes for the digital age. My recent compositions combine tempting, succulent foods with "glitches" painted directly onto the canvas. An avocado is interrupted by the irregular curves of a cracked screen. The natural beauty of an heirloom tomato is marred by low-resolution errors and broken pixels.

Historically, still life paintings are windows onto impossibly perfect worlds. This illusion of perfection continues into our daily lives on the Internet, as we live from one Insta-worthy moment to another. Why not use the flaws of online technology to break into that illusion?

martini detail 1 72 500

Martini: Head Clog I will be available at Cerulean Gallery as part of the exhibition On Edge Part I, featuring work by Sarah Atlee, Fritz Danner, Nic Noblique, and Victoria Taylor-Gore, on display 16 September - 28 October 2016. Visit Cerulean Gallery to learn more.