Prescription for an Installation

This week I'm headed to Norman, Oklahoma to install my newest series, Wyld Flowerz, at STASH. Here are the tools I'll be taking with me. Prescription for an Installation Click image to embiggen.

1. Packing tape for keeping boxes closed

2. Painter's tape - the blue stuff - easily removable

3. Extra picture-hanging wire just in case (Many of these items are just in case.)

4. Scissors

5. Wire cutters

6. Needle-nose pliers

7. Hammer

8, 9. Screwdriver & bits

10. Ruler

11. Scraper

12. A pen that writes on (just about) any surface

13. Pencil

14. Eraser

15. Extra D-ring hangers

16. Level

17. Screw eyes, small

18. Screw eyes, medium & large

19. Finishing nails, tiny

20. Finishing nails, small & medium

21. L-pins

22. Common nails

23. Scotch tape

24. Picture hanging hardware, various

25. Blade

26, 27. Dots. They go on the backs of pieces to protect the wall and keep the art from sliding around.

28. Microfiber dust cloth

Not Pictured:

- Art, packed up nice & snug

- Business cards, postcards, other promotional materials

- White gloves

- Measuring tape

- Visual inventory: includes thumbnails, titles, sizes, prices, my contact information, and a place for the artist and gallery to sign at install and pickup. I make 2 copies - one for them, one for me.

- Labels for the wall. Sometimes the venue provides these, sometimes not. This time I made them myself.

Let's do this thing.