Bonus Gratitude!

A special bonus gratitude session to round out the series. There's someone very special I haven't yet mentioned in my gratitude series.

You know who you are.


Thank you for reading this. Thank you for visiting my website. Thank you for sharing your kind words of encouragement. Thank you for saying hello, for your handshake, for your smile.

Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for coming to see my shows. Thank you for sharing your stories about how you connect with my work. Thank you for bringing my art into your home and making what I do a part of your life.

Thank you for supporting an artist, any artist. Thank you for taking the time to look at art. Thank you for looking.

You are my supporter, my patron, my colleague, my collaborator, my friend.

Thank you.

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What  - and who - are you thankful for? Express your gratitude in the comments below.

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