It's the Little Things - In Gratitude, Part 4

It's November, home of my favorite holiday! This month I'm spending a few minutes each day writing about something for which I am thankful. Batch number four is The Little Things. Food

Friday night food truckin'. Friday night food truckin'.

Most people come to Austin for the live music and mild winters. I'm here for the food. Fresh sushi, succulent barbecue, farm-to-table delicacies galore, and more taco trucks than you can twang a steel guitar at. Heaven has a zip code, and it starts with 787.


Our apartment is situated in the corner of a courtyard, on the ground level. When it rains even just a little, the downspout off the building's roof empties right outside our patio. It's like our own private waterfall.

Fun fact: Lots of Texans (and other folks) are grateful for the rain.

Getting Rid of Stuff

Always feels good.

Life's Surprises

Bourbon Red Heritage turkey from Richardson Farms.

We celebrated our turkey day a week early by cooking a beautiful bird from Richardson Farms. The next morning, I awoke to a cold lodged in my chest. Oh, if only I'd had a big pot of homemade broth already on the sto- WAIT A MINUTE.

Opening the Windows

Fresh breeze in the studio is a luxury I get to enjoy on occasion - not in July, but often in October.


mmm donuts

For when a deadline approaches and you need twelve sugar rushes in three days.

Just Being

Sit with me a moment. Still your hands. Breathe in, then out. Close your eyes and do it again. Isn't this nice?

Neck Pillow, sketchbook drawing by Sarah Atlee. Neck Pillow, sketchbook drawing by Sarah Atlee.

What are you thankful for? Express your gratitude in the comments below.

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