What I Learned in the Art Biz Bootcamp

Thoughts wrangled for a previous solo exhibition. Sketchbook pages, 2010 by Sarah Atlee.

Earlier this year, I took a journey into the world of art marketing with Art Biz Coach Alyson Stanfield, though her No Excuses Art Biz Bootcamp. In this online course, students learn and implement all kinds of great stuff about the business of being an independent artist.

I can't say enough good things about this 12-week program, but here are some highlights:

Because of the Art Biz Bootcamp

I feel more in control of my art business than ever before.

I clarified my career goals, especially pertaining to exhibition and sales. As a result, I've booked a solo show in a new venue and planned for several group shows during the next year.

I took control of my contact list and established an email newsletter for the first time (you can sign up using the form on your right).

I have an increased network of support through the Bootcamp's group on Facebook and through other interactions with my friends and colleagues.

I had an Aha! Moment.

I now understand that I am a specific artist, with specific needs and career goals. I need to do what is right for me, which may not be what is right for someone else. I can push myself to overcome challenges and achieve goals while still treating myself with compassion.

Are you interested in the Art Biz Bootcamp?

Go to the Bootcamp section of the Art Biz Coach website to learn more.

Thank you, Alyson!