Normal, OK at Legacy Bank, Edmond, 2009.12.09

Normal, OK: Magnolia Black. Acrylic, collage and prismacolor on canvas, 2007 by Sarah Atlee. Click image to view source.
Normal, OK: Magnolia Black. Acrylic, collage and prismacolor on canvas. Click image to view source.
Legacy Bank Features Contemporary Oklahoman Artist in Edmond   OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Legacy Bank is currently featuring the art work of contemporary Oklahoman artist Sarah Atlee at the location at 15th and Bryant in Edmond’s Spring Creek Village as part of a program called Art Matters. Art Matters is a program initiated by Legacy Bank to support noteworthy artists in our local community.

Here’s a fun game to play in the car: When you pass a road sign that has two town names on it, pretend they are the first and last names of a person. Invent a personality to go with that name. Who is this person? Where did they come from? What do they do for a living? What are their hobbies? Sarah Atlee has played this game enough to populate an entire imaginary community.

“Normal, OK is a fictional construct, a place in my head, based on real places around me,” says Atlee. “In Normal, everyone has a second job, a quiet dream, a lost love, or a former life. Normal is a town of entrepreneurs, artists, upstanding citizens, troublemakers, friends, and a few enemies. I hope you enjoy your visit.”

Please join me at the Legacy Bank Holiday Open House on Wednesday, December 9th, from 11 am to 2 pm. I will be there sketching from 11:00 until closing time at 5:00. Click here to learn more about Normal, OK.