All About the OKCCoCo

News 9 has produced a story about the OKCCoCo (the home of my new studio). I'm in it for just a second, don't blink!

OKCCoCo is a new collaborative coworking space in downtown Oklahoma City. It's a place for freelancers and entrepreneurs who don't have offices of their own to work and network. At the CoCo, people work to further their careers or reinvent themselves in new businesses. The concept is a little difficult to get across, so watch the video for more insight.

I recently moved into one of the CoCo's reserved offices, and have set up my studio there. It has changed my life for the better. I'm excited about being among a community of creative people, not just from the art world, but other fields as well.

It's not just for geeks! The CoCo wants to expand their artistic community, and are doing so through events like the monthly DIY craft meeting, and the upcoming Craft Camp Weekend.

The CoCo offers various membership plans, detailed here. There's something here for everyone.