Pluparfait at Goodwin Law, OKC, 1.22.2009

Invitation to Pluparfait by Sarah Atlee

I am having a solo show of paintings at the Goodwin Law Firm, 617 N. Broadway Ave in OKC's historic Automobile Alley. The show, titled Pluparfait, features my signature portraits of unusual characters, expressed with vibrant colors and detailed brush and pen strokes. Pluparfait will be on display at Goodwin Law through June 2009. Hours are by appointment; please call 232-2400.

A reception for Pluparfait will be held Thursday, January 22 from 6:30 to 9:00 pm. Refreshments will be served.

Visitors to my solo show can also go next door to 611 Creative and see works by local artists Ruth Ann Borum, David Bruehl, and Fernando Casillas.

I am also in a group show opening the same night just down the street. Seeing Other People, a show of contemporary portraiture by Oklahoma artists, is now on display in the OKC Underground Invited Artists Gallery. Read more about that here.

Pluparfait is a mostly made-up word that comes from two grammatical terms. Pluperfect is the past perfect tense. Its opposite is the future perfect tense. My made-up word alludes to my pertpetual attempt to make the "perfect" paintings I see in my head. The day after tomorrow is perpetually frozen in possibility, unattainable in the present. In working toward an ideal, I may achieve more than I thought possible.