"Know Thyself" Reviewed in Daily Oklahoman

Know Thyself, a show of self portraits by Oklahoma artists, is showing at the IAO Gallery in OKC through October 10. Here is a review by John Brandenberg for the Daily Oklahoman. Snip:

Sarah Atlee pokes fun at herself by exaggerating her laughing teeth to the point viewers may think she's going to come out of the picture plane and bite them in her acrylic "Self Portrait: For the Record.”

Self Portrait (For The Record), acrylic on canvas, 2005 by Sarah Atlee


Special thanks to Romy Owens for inviting me to participate in this show.

Illustration Friday: Red

Self Portrait with Left Turn, acrylic, ink and collage on canvas, 2006 Self Portrait with Left Turn. Acrylic, ink, and collage on canvas, 2006. Click image to enlarge.

I had a dream about colors and letters. Every letter was being assigned a color, and we would form words with swatches instead of sounds. I was on the committee to decide which letter got which color. The vowels were all getting red. I made the argument that E should definitely not get the red bandana swatch. Why? Because the letter E is so flighty. It's the Paris Hilton of letters. It would take the red bandana (a strong, traditional pattern), and be like, "Oops, I dropped it! Tee Hee!" Better give that color to someone else.

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