Artist Proposal Writing Workshop - Art 365 & Momentum Spotlight Tonight

Brick Snow, acrylic on canvas, 2008 by Sarah Atlee. Click image to view source.
Brick Snow, acrylic on canvas, 2008. Click image to view source. This painting was part of my Art 365 series, Normal, OK.

Artist Proposal Writing Workshop - Art 365 & Momentum Spotlight Tuesday, September 15, 6-8pm IAO Gallery, 706 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City (map link) See this event on Facebook.

Learn the basics of writing a project proposal. Proposal deadlines are approaching for the $60,000 in Art 365 awards & exhibition and the $5,250 in Momentum Spotlight awards. For each, the same elements are required: description of project, images, artist statement, and resume.

Past Art 365 artist Liz Roth will present, offering tips about what makes a successful proposal. An OVAC representative will answer questions about the specific opportunities of Art 365 and Momentum Spotlight.

Workshops are open to all artists interested in improving their proposal writing techniques. Cost: $10 ($5 for OVAC Members). Click here to register.

As an added bonus, the OVAC blog has published examples of successful proposals by myself and Liz Roth, as well as examples of unsuccessful proposals.

Normal, OK Characters Appear In Nimrod

Two characters from my series Normal, OK appear in the Fall 2008 issue of the Nimrod International Journal of Prose and Poetry. To purchase a copy, follow this link. Normal, OK: Peoria Jenks, mixed media, 2007 by Sarah Atlee

Normal, OK: Peoria Jenks. Mixed media, 2007.

Peoria Jenks, 72, carries on the family tradition of bootlegging. (Opteemah County is dry.) She does not sell to "drunkards." One day, while having her hair set, she overheard a call on the salon's police scanner noting suspicious activity at the Slim Pickens Mo-tel. On a hunch, she went over. Onlookers say she got a shotgun from the trunk of her Dart and walked purposefully past Sherrif Ardmore into room 112. No shots were fired. Ms. Jenks reportedly walked out shaking her head and saying, “Not in my town. Not in my town.” The headline in that week’s Porcupine read “Meth Lab Seized With Help From Locals.”

You can learn more about the people of Normal by reading the book.

My series of works titled Normal, OK was part of the Art 365 exhibition sponsored by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. Art 365 travels to Legion Arts in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to open on October 15.

Art 365 Documentary Preview Online

As part of the year-long Art 365 process, filmmakers Melissa Scaramucci and Cacky Poarch produced a documentary film about the seven artists. You can see a 15-minute preview online at Google Video. If you're new to Art 365, this is a great introduction. The film premiered in its entirety at the Art 365 opening in Tulsa last month. There will also be a screening in Oklahoma City on July 3rd.

Click here to read more about Normal, OK, my series for Art 365.

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