60 Artists : 60 Minutes, OKC Underground 2009.07.23

60 Artists : 60 Minutes flyer
What a concept for a show. On June 6th of this year, 60 people gathered at Leadership Square in downtown OKC. Each person was handed a disposable camera by romy owens. Each person had one hour and one roll of film on which to capture downtown as they saw it. At the end of the hour, all 60 cameras were returned to romy for development. romy then chose one shot from each roll of film to mat and frame. The 60 photographs will be on display in the Underground Invited Artist Gallery from July 23 through October 15, 2009.

Please join us for an opening reception this Thursday July 23, 5 to 7 pm. The closest street entrance to the Underground is at Leadership Square.

When I went out for the shoot, I took my digital camera along. (Only 36 frames? On a roll of film? Don't fence me in!) romy has carefully concealed the 60 shots she has chosen, so I don't know which of my photos will be in the show. (If you are Facebook friends with romy, you can see the runners-up in her photos.) However, below are some of my favorite "other" shots from that day. Click any image to see larger.
0283, photo by Sarah Atlee
Tiles, photo by Sarah Atlee
Jesus Saves Bindery I, photo by Sarah Atlee
Jesus Saves Bindery I