Normal, OK: Pernell Foster

Normal, OK: Pernell Foster. Mixed media, 2008 Normal, OK: Pernell Foster. Mixed media, 2008 Pernell Foster is fixin' to say somethin'.

Pernell Foster lives next door to Katie Hennepin, on his grandfather's homestead. He finds Katie's geodesic dome offensive, but harbors a crush on her. His repressed feelings gradually steer him into organic farming.

The background of this piece is acrylic on Rives BFK paper stretched over a particle board panel. (The swirly colors represent his feelings.)

Pernell was created using the acrylic gel transfer method detailed here and here.

Normal, OK: Pernell Foster, ink drawing, 2008

Normal, OK: Pernell Foster. Ink on paper, 2008

Normal, OK: Pernell Foster, conceptual sketch. Collage, 2007

Normal, OK: Pernell Foster. Conceptual sketch, collage on paper, 2007.

This is the kind of quick collage-sketch I often use to begin a character. I bring together many visual sources and compile them into a new conglomeration. It's quick and dirty, a great visual tool.