Normal, OK: Caffey Strong

Normal, OK: Caffey Strong, mixed media, 2008 Normal, OK: Caffey Strong. Mixed media on MDF, 2008

Caffey Strong, 35, is the piano accompanist at the Blue Belle's Academy. She is also an accomplished avant-garde composer, largely unknown at home but gaining notoriety among college radio audiences. Her latest work is titled "Con/text: Handless Compote for Altered Piano." Caffey inherited her dextrous fingers from her father, Arnett Strong, a locksmith.

Caffey was created using the acrylic gel transfer method detailed here and here.

Normal, OK: Caffey Strong. Ink on paper, 2008

Normal, OK: Caffey Strong. Original drawing, ink on paper, 2008 (Sometimes I flip 'em, sometimes I don't. I started noticing that too many of my Normal characters were looking to the left. Not good.)