Normal, OK: Magnolia Black

Normal, OK: Magnolia Black, acrylic, prismacolor, and collage on canvas Normal, OK: Magnolia Black background: acrylic on canvas figure: Stonehenge paper with acrylic and Prismacolor pencil

This piece is on canvas stretched over a 16 x 17 inch plywood panel. I applied several base coats of acrylic and gesso to the canvas, including the first layers of pink. I sketched the figure on Stonehenge paper, cut it out, and glued it to the canvas with extra-heavy acrylic gel medium. I add several overlapping washes of acrylic to the figure before filling in the details with Prismacolor pencils. With this kind of process I'm reminded that using colored pencils is like painting, but with more control. I feel like a much better colorist when layering pencil as opposed to paint. The Stonehenge paper is an excellent surface for mixed-media work like this.

Magnolia Black is a waitress at Denty's Diner. She does freelance tattoo work on the side. Now that tattooing is legal in Oklahoma, Magnolia is looking into opening her own shop.

A hearty thank you to Miz Estrella for posing for this picture.