Normal, OK: Edmond "Mundy" Tulsa

Mundy Tulsa, Present Day, 2007 Mundy Tulsa, Present Day. Acrylic and collage on found panel, 2007

Edmond Tulsa was born to a man who was hoping for a boy. Everyone calls her Mundy. She is a prodigious baker, and wins many bake-offs and Opteemah County Fair ribbons. Her family's money went down with Penn State Bank when the bottom dropped out. But Grampa Dewright Tulsa had placed gold and silver coins inside sections of pipe and buried them in the backyard. One day Mundy undertakes to dig a vegetable garden and discovers the coins. This becomes the startup capital for Miz Mundy Cookies, and later Mundy Buns. Mundy Buns grows so successful that Mundy gets a buyout offer from Nabisco. She declines for reasons of personal integrity. Soon after, she strikes a deal with Dobbin Wynn to be the exclusive concessions distributor for the Dobbin & Dixie Family Film Fest. The Mundy Buns plant remains the economic heart of Normal. In 1998, Mundy hires Katie Hennepin to help her branch out into organic baked goods.

Mundy was created using the acrylic gel transfer process detailed here and here. I applied the image transfer to a former cabinet door that I found at Habitat For Humanity's OKC thrift store, Renovation Station. That shiny knob in the lower right corner is the door handle.

This is the original drawing:

Mundy Tulsa, ink on paper, 2007