Sketchbook 2012: Millennium Quilt Series

I do some of my best drawing while my mother is in the hospital. Sketchbook 2012: Millennium Quilt I. ink on paper, 2012 by Sarah

Millennium Quilt I, ink on paper, 2012 by Sarah Atlee

Yes, these are a tad late for the calendar millennium. I named these after Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy. I've listened to the audio editions of these books many times.


Sketchbook 2012: Millennium Quilt II. ink on paper, 2012 by Sara

Millennium Quilt II, ink on paper, 2012 by Sarah Atlee

Filling grids with color is a gratifying way to pass the time, but I consider these patterns for potential real-life quilts. The notes at the bottom of this sketch indicate how many pieces of each color I would need.


Sketchbook 2012: Millennium Quilt III, ink on paper, 2012 by Sar

Millennium Quilt III, ink on paper, 2012 by Sarah Atlee


Sketchbook 2013: Grids

Three selections on the Grid theme from my 2013 sketchbook.  

Sketchbook Cover 2013 by Sarah Atlee

Sketchbook cover, mixed media and found paper collage


Sketchbook Grid 1, ink on paper, 2013 by Sarah Atlee

Polka Dot Grid, ink on paper


Photo grid collage, mixed media on paper, 2013 by Sarah Atlee

Photo collage, one-inch photo cutouts and found objects

This last one is a product of a photo reference purge in my Oklahoma City studio. I chose my favorite photos, then chose my favorite square inch from each of those.

Expect more sketchbook selections here on the Blog, and later, up in the Images section of the site.


Introducing the Untitled Girl Project

I am full steam ahead on a new body of paintings exploring the various roles, archetypes, ideals, and social experiments that teenage girls use to figure out who they are. My thoughts and ideas for this work are still coming out a mile a minute and have not yet gelled. I am making a lot of notes, doodles, sketches, and folders full of images to help me along. Mark your calendars: my new project will debut on 2014-04-04 at aka gallery in Oklahoma City.

I have started a Tumblr blog* to help organize some of the visual material informing this new work:

The Untitled Girl Project

I'll be posting images on a new theme each week. Right now, it's Teen Witch "Week" for the rest of October (archived here). Here are a few selections to whet your appetite for seances, cute occult accessories, go-away lipstick, black lace, white lace, ectoplasm, crystals, and all manner of witchy vibes.

Click on any image to view it on Tumblr. All copyrights remain with the images' respective creators.



* This Tumblr blog is potentially NSFW. Use your best judgement.

What I Learned in the Art Biz Bootcamp

Thoughts wrangled for a previous solo exhibition. Sketchbook pages, 2010 by Sarah Atlee.

Earlier this year, I took a journey into the world of art marketing with Art Biz Coach Alyson Stanfield, though her No Excuses Art Biz Bootcamp. In this online course, students learn and implement all kinds of great stuff about the business of being an independent artist.

I can't say enough good things about this 12-week program, but here are some highlights:

Because of the Art Biz Bootcamp

I feel more in control of my art business than ever before.

I clarified my career goals, especially pertaining to exhibition and sales. As a result, I've booked a solo show in a new venue and planned for several group shows during the next year.

I took control of my contact list and established an email newsletter for the first time (you can sign up using the form on your right).

I have an increased network of support through the Bootcamp's group on Facebook and through other interactions with my friends and colleagues.

I had an Aha! Moment.

I now understand that I am a specific artist, with specific needs and career goals. I need to do what is right for me, which may not be what is right for someone else. I can push myself to overcome challenges and achieve goals while still treating myself with compassion.

Are you interested in the Art Biz Bootcamp?

Go to the Bootcamp section of the Art Biz Coach website to learn more.

Thank you, Alyson!