Back to the Figure Drawing Board

Mary (Figure Study), ink on paper, July 2009. Some rights reserved.Mary (Figure Study), ink on paper, July 2009. Some rights reserved.

I just signed up for Glen Thomas' Figure Drawing class at City Arts Center, which starts in late July. I'm so excited.

I've been a regular and loving attendee of Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School over the last several years. Lately I've wanted to temper that experience with some traditional figure drawing, which I haven't done since I finished school in 2006. Last year I had a wonderful time in Bert Seabourn's acrylic painting class at CAC. I got reacquainted with some basic techniques and experimented outside my normal painting style. I'm eager to take this approach to learning and re-learning the figure.

City Arts Center, located on the Oklahoma State Fair Grounds in OKC, offers a wide variety of art classes for kids and for adults. Visit their website to read about course offerings and enroll. I guarantee you'll enjoy it.

My Naughties

That's what happened.
Yeah, I'm a little late to the top-ten-list party. Here are my top ten artistic moments (in chronological order) from the Naughts, 2000-2009 :

2000 I have my first solo show, ____ day of my life, at the now-defunct ASA Gallery at UNM. 2001 My senior thesis show, Actual Size, sells out. I graduate from UNM with a BFA. 2002 Making art on my own in Indiana, I realize that I need more instruction to become a better painter. This becomes my goal in applying to graduate school. 2003 I begin graduate study at RIT. 2004 I learn a heck of a lot about the illustration business, and my personal style really begins to solidify. I start making paintings like this. 2005 I complete my graduate thesis show. One of these paintings is accepted to the Society of Illustrators Scholarship Competition. 2006 I move to Oklahoma, and am warmly welcomed into the artistic community here. 2007 I get a beautiful studio above Mainsite Gallery, and a slot in the Art 365 program. 2008 The Art 365 show debuts, including my series Normal, OK. 2009 I join the fabulous, inspiring, nerdcore community at the Oklahoma City Coworking Collaborative, or okcCoCo.

And from this past year, 2009:

January: I make two drawings for the Seeing Other People show curated by Jennifer Barron. February: I take my family to Society of Illustrators in NYC to see my piece in the annual Book Illustration exhibition. March: I quit my last day job to commit to art full-time. Haaaa-le-lu-jah April: I attend OVAC's Artists' Retreat at Quartz Mountain, where I learn all about residencies. May: I began the Occupied project, on my own, because a) I wanted to and b) I can. June: My drawing of romy is accepted to the 24 Works On Paper travelling exhibition. July: Back to Normal: Normal, OK Revisited opens at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum. August: I join the okcCoCo and move my studio there. November: I'm accepted into OVAC's first Oklahoma Art Writing and Curatorial Fellowship. December: Looking forward to 2010. There have been so many positive changes for me in recent years, I can't wait to see what comes next.

Artist Proposal Writing Workshop - Art 365 & Momentum Spotlight Tonight

Brick Snow, acrylic on canvas, 2008 by Sarah Atlee. Click image to view source.
Brick Snow, acrylic on canvas, 2008. Click image to view source. This painting was part of my Art 365 series, Normal, OK.

Artist Proposal Writing Workshop - Art 365 & Momentum Spotlight Tuesday, September 15, 6-8pm IAO Gallery, 706 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City (map link) See this event on Facebook.

Learn the basics of writing a project proposal. Proposal deadlines are approaching for the $60,000 in Art 365 awards & exhibition and the $5,250 in Momentum Spotlight awards. For each, the same elements are required: description of project, images, artist statement, and resume.

Past Art 365 artist Liz Roth will present, offering tips about what makes a successful proposal. An OVAC representative will answer questions about the specific opportunities of Art 365 and Momentum Spotlight.

Workshops are open to all artists interested in improving their proposal writing techniques. Cost: $10 ($5 for OVAC Members). Click here to register.

As an added bonus, the OVAC blog has published examples of successful proposals by myself and Liz Roth, as well as examples of unsuccessful proposals.

OVAC Workshops: Public Art, Art 365 Proposal Writing

Reaching For A Star by Flickr user Laura Burlton. Click image to view source.
Reaching For A Star by Flickr user Laura Burlton. Click image to view source.

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition is gearing up for their 2009-2010 Artist Survival Kit Workshop season. (I'm on the workshop committee, so you can read more about them here in the coming weeks.)

First up is "Dreaming Big: Public Art," two workshops to answer questions and help artists prepare to apply for the Public Art Mentorship. The Public Art Mentorship will offer commissions to three artists, totaling $75,000, as well as the assistance of experienced public artist, Lynn Basa. This workshop will be held in Tulsa on August 22 and in Oklahoma City on August 29.

In September there will be "Artist Proposal Writing" workshops. Each of these will focus on proposals for the next Art 365 and Momentum opportunities. This will be held in Tulsa on September 10 and in Oklahoma City on September 15.

I've been to several of the ASK workshops held by OVAC, and they are not to be missed. I always come away feeling well-informed and energized.

Click here for a full listing of OVAC's upcoming workshops, plus registration links. This page will be updated regularly, so check back.

Not an OVAC member yet? Here's why you should be.

All About the OKCCoCo

News 9 has produced a story about the OKCCoCo (the home of my new studio). I'm in it for just a second, don't blink!

OKCCoCo is a new collaborative coworking space in downtown Oklahoma City. It's a place for freelancers and entrepreneurs who don't have offices of their own to work and network. At the CoCo, people work to further their careers or reinvent themselves in new businesses. The concept is a little difficult to get across, so watch the video for more insight.

I recently moved into one of the CoCo's reserved offices, and have set up my studio there. It has changed my life for the better. I'm excited about being among a community of creative people, not just from the art world, but other fields as well.

It's not just for geeks! The CoCo wants to expand their artistic community, and are doing so through events like the monthly DIY craft meeting, and the upcoming Craft Camp Weekend.

The CoCo offers various membership plans, detailed here. There's something here for everyone.