Were you looking for a sign? Here's a sandwich.

The Sandwich Dream

I was talking with a friend about how hard it is to do creative work and make yourself vulnerable by showing your work to the world. My friend said they’d gotten to where they couldn’t make anything for fear of other people thinking it was crap. I sympathized with my friend and said, here’s a symbol in the form of a sandwich. The sandwich was a big juicy corned beef thing on rye with pickles and mustard, a real five-napkin event. I pushed it toward my friend and told them it was okay to eat. They dove in with both hands and open mouth.

My friend was so hungry, and the sandwich was right there. They were just waiting for permission to eat.

End of Sandwich Dream

So if you’re wondering whether you should make / say / do / dance / sing / try the thing because you’re worried people might think it’s crap, here’s a sandwich. You have permission to eat it.

0 sandwich sketchbook edit 1k.jpg

It comes with a pickle.

1 pickle 1 edit 1k.jpg

Can we make the sandwich a symbol for permission to create? It is written. So it must be.

Here’s a bunch more sandwiches. (images linked to sources where available)

p.s. The Cube Rule of sandwich identification