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Tishomingo "Mingo" Yale is one of the characters from Normal, OK.
Drawing for Normal, OK: Tishomingo Yale, ink on paper, 2007 by Sarah Atlee. Click image to view source.
Drawing for Normal, OK: Tishomingo Yale, ink on paper, 2007. Click image to view source.

Tishimingo "Mingo" Yale teaches pilates. On weekends, weather permitting, she has a roadside fish fry stand. Bass fishermen stop there on their way back from Lake Goodnight. Mingo came to fitness instruction in her mid-forties, after years of wearing high-heeled shoes had all but ruined her spine. At the urging of her chiropractor, Mingo took up yoga. The improvements in her health were so significant she decided she must help bring this lifestyle to others.

The final painting, which you can see here, was created using the acrylic gel transfer process detailed here and here.

You can see Mingo in person at Legacy Bank in Edmond through January 2010.

Xerox Transfer Workshop at Untitled Artspace, OKC

Gift, oil and alkyd on canvas, 2004 by Joe Ramiro Garcia
Gift, oil and alkyd on canvas, 2004 by Joe Ramiro Garcia. Click here to visit the artist's website.

I mentioned in an earlier two-part post that there are many ways to transfer an image from one surface to another. Untitled Artspace in Oklahoma City is offering a workshop on one of these methods, taught by visiting artist Joe Ramiro Garcia.

Xerox Lithography Workshop October 18 - 19, 2008

Joe Ramiro Garcia will teach a two-day Xerox Lithography Workshop on Saturday and Sunday, October 18 and 19. The workshop will have sessions from 10 am - 6 pm each day. Xerox lithography involves using a Xerox copy of an image and transferring it with gum arabic. Garcia is a Santa Fe-based artist and exhibited his art at Untitled [ArtSpace] in May and June 2007. ... Supplies will be included.

If you're in the area and interested in this method of image transfer, a workshop at Untitled is a fabulous way to leapfrog into some new work.