Art 365 Named Best Tulsa Show in 2008

Brick Snow, acrylic on found panel, 2008 by Sarah Atlee Brick Snow, acrylic on found panel, 2008. Click image to view full-size.

Holly Wall of the Urban Tulsa Weekly has named Art 365 the best gallery show in Tulsa this year. Thanks, everybody!

Best Art Exhibitions of the Year: Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition's "Art 365," exhibited simultaneously at Liggett Studios and at the University of Tulsa's Alexandre Hogue Gallery. Six projects by Oklahoma artists were chosen to each receive a $10,000 honorarium and a year of curatorial guidance, and the resulting exhibits were displayed in Tulsa and in Oklahoma City. We definitely think more artists should be given opportunities like this one. The resulting work was quite spectacular.

My series Normal, OK was part of the Art 365 exhibit. The show opened last March in Oklahoma City and is about to come down from its last venue in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I feel so lucky and honored to have been a part of this great opportunity. I look forward to seeing the next one!

Legion Arts of Cedar Rapids, IA Needs You

Click here to support the Iowa Artists' Relief Fund. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is currently underwater. One of the institutions affected by this tragedy is Legion Arts, who was kind enough to agree to host the Art 365 show this coming Fall. Right now nobody knows exactly if or how that will happen, but that's not our most pressing concern.
June 12, 2008 (2), by CRArtist
Legion Arts has set up an emergency fund to help Iowa artists whose lives and work have been affected by the flooding. Please give if you can, especially you Oklahoma artists: Legion Arts is like our OVAC. We need the help of support systems like these to make our unique, talented, relevant voices heard.

The above photo, taken by CRArtist, is titled June 12, 2008 (2). It is part of this Flickr set titled Flood of 2008.
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