Celebrate 15 Years With Me!

15-themed drawings by Sarah Atlee. Join my Patreon today to get yours! This post also appears on my Patreon page today.

We grow up so fast.

I first took my art online at sarahatlee.com fifteen years ago. (What's that in internet years? Like, a hundred.) Can you believe it? My art just got its learner's permit. LOOK OUT.

What have I learned in that time?

I've learned that my most important asset is: You.

Without you I'm just some schmuck in a room throwing paint around. Creators create for themselves, sure. But it takes the viewer, the afficionado, the lover of art to close the circle in this crazy business. You and me, we make this happen together. And I have something special for you.

Join the Circle

Between now and the end of July, join my circle of supporters on Patreon and get a special bonus drawing, straight from me to you. (That's in addition to the regular awesome rewards.)

Each drawing is unique, made by hand, in 15 minutes, on 15 square inches of real estate (that's 3x5" to you). There are only 15 of these available, so get your booty movin'.

Wait, what's the Patreon?

When you join me on Patreon, you subscribe to creativity. You support art, you receive art. It's that simple.

To get your bonus 15-themed drawing, you can join my Patreon at any level. But let me tell you what's great about the $15 tier.

Collectors Club

The first rule of Collectors Club is: Brag about being in the Collectors Club. You get first looks at my newest work, quarterly mail art, and archival digital prints of my paintings.

You can't get any of these items at a gallery. They are for patrons only!

mounting prints

PIctured here, the first print to go out to the Collectors Club. Click here to join!

To recap:

I heart you. Thank you for being a part of this ongoing journey. Here's to the next 15 years!

To claim one of only 15 bonus drawings, join my Patreon by July 31, 2016.

15 smackers gets you into the Collectors Club.

Go forth and be ye awesome. Love & kisses,

Sarah A.

Photo by Charlotte Bell.