Show Us Your Process!

Foggy drawing, in progress (desk view), 2008 by Sarah Atlee Foggy drawing, desk view. Click image to view full-size.

I love it when artists blog about their creative process, giving us look behind the scenes. It's important to remember that artists are not magicians. Our creative work does not appear out of thin air; it's work. Here are some of my favorite artists' blogs with links to process-related posts.

Debbi Kaspari is an Oklahoma artist/naturalist currently at work on a field guide to the birds of Trinidad and Tobago. She also manages to write a wonderful blog showcasing many of her sketches, plus bonus things like drawing birds from paper models.

Abbey Ryan makes a painting a day. Wow. (Here are some other artists who also make a painting a day. And they have a book!) Have a look at this video to get an idea of how she builds her paintings.

Jason Hackenwerth documents the construction of his fantastical sculptures in great detail.

James Jean blogs about his sketchbook and works in progress at ProcessRecess. (Some images, while beautiful, are NSFW.)

Also: The Tools Artists Use Creative Workspaces blog Artists' Studios Flickr pool

A casualty of The Process: one of my palettes after a painting session.

A casualty of The Process: one of my palettes after a painting session. See more palette photos in this Flickr set.

To learn more about my process, you can look in the navbar to your left, under "Category" and click "Process." Here is one of my favorite posts showing in-progress paintings.