Artists as Entrepreneurs

Suit (9 to 5), by Flickr user Ben Murphy. Click image to visit.Suit (9 to 5), by Flickr user Ben Murphy. Click image to visit the artist's Flickr page.

Via Cory Miller, a fellow Oklahoman who designs premium Wordpress themes for people like you and me.

Small Business Trends on Entrepreneurial Artists

Steve King, a member of our Small Business Trends Expert network, has been profiling the trend toward artists combining entrepreneurship with art. He points out how people are choosing art as their life’s passion and learning how to make a business of it, too, to support themselves and their families.

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New York Times on Making Artistic Careers Lucrative

Rather than seeing art as something to pursue in the hours when they are not earning a living, these artists are developing businesses around their talents. These artists are part of a growing movement that has caught the attention of business experts and is being nudged along by both art and business schools.

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Cory Miller also mentions the rise of sites like Etsy, a boon to artists and shoppers alike. Sparrowtracks and Red Plum Pottery are two of my favorite Etsy sellers.

The Artist Survivial Kit workshops from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (OVAC) are a tremendous way for Oklahoma artists to learn more about the business of making and distributing art. Related: Sarah's items tagged "art" and "business"