Ensemble Pamplemousse

Ah, the magic of the internet. I just learned that an elementary school classmate of mine, Natacha Diels, is currently the creative director for Ensemble Pamplemousse, an electro-acoustic avant-chamber group in New York City. I'm very impressed, and a little bit jealous. From the snippets I've seen, I bet their music is very interesting to see performed live. Perhaps I'll get the chance someday. Natacha, flautist for Ensemble Pamplemousse

Ensemble Pamplemousse's site Ensemble Pamplemousse at MySpace

Pamplemousse is the French word for grapefruit. I know that because Natacha's mother came to our class and taught us some French. I remember learning the word pamplemousse; I'm pretty sure Natacha was there, too.

If you're interested in other music like this, I won't be of much help. But check out Basilica, based in Bloomington Indiana, directed by my friend Ben S. Jacob.