Practical Economic Advice for Creative Types

Writer John Scalzi recently posted a list of Unasked-For (but really, who is he trying to kid, we're constantly asking for this stuff) Advice on how to survive in the writing business. Most of his recommendations could easily fit under the umbrella of advice for artists, freelancers, and heck, people. I can't stress enough how good this post is (click here to read). Two items really resonated with me.

1. The Big Cities are not the alpha and omega of the economic world. Why? Because we have the internet. And phones, and faxes, and FedEx. Save yourself a poo-load of living expenses by moving to oh, say, Oklahoma.

2. Make a saving throw against The Shiny. In other words, don't be stupid with your money.

I have big student loans to pay off. I'm totally okay with that, it was worth it. The loans give me a low credit rating. An interesting side benefit to this condition is that I almost never get credit card offers in the mail. There is a certain peace in knowing that no one will lend me money. I have no choice but to live within my means (or pretty close to it).