Book Mooch Journal: Sake and Wine

From the Book Mooch Journal blog:

This is a journal belonging to a middle-aged, outgoing, female Japanese librarian from a backwoods apple-producing town who has a fairly basic level of English ability, and she wants to know what people are like when they’ve been drinking. Brilliant. I couldn’t make this stuff up. So, can you tell the story (pictures also welcome) of the adventures you’ve had when you’ve been drinking, in fairly simple English? Rise to the challenge! Show us what you’ve been up to after hours!

Here is my contribution to the Sake and Wine Journal:

Good Idea, Bad Idea, ink on paper, Januery 2008

Good Idea, Bad Idea, ink on paper, January 2008. "Isn't it funny / how ideas that / sounded good / turn out to be / bad ones?"

See the full image, as it was drawn on its side, here.